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Side Braid, So Awesome

Hair is part of body that requires more treatment to get perfect look. Pretty hairstyle must be created well to boost your sex appeal. Side braid is one of classic hairstyle that still exists. Traditional braid is suitable with women who like calm character. Braids are modified into several models to let you choose most appealing one. French braid and fishtail side braid are most popular braid hairstyles that women like very much. Braid can be created easily if you have long or medium length hairs.

How to make side braid properly? To create side part braid, you have to comb your hair with brush. Determine style of braid first which will be sat on your head. Grab your hair to one side. You have to do it neatly. Then, you must divide hairs into three sections fairly. Take the right part of hairs and cross this part over the center part. Right part of hairs and move it to the left hand. Twist this section well to gain impressive braid hairstyle.

Bottom of side braid must be tied with eye catching hair tie or other hair accessories. You can create French braid and fishtail braid with similar methods. Actually, nice braid is perfect with side bangs. You have to learn methods of braid hairstyle. Methods of braid hairstyle are available in any source. Based on side braid tutorial, you can modify braid hairstyle creatively. Dress that you wear should go with braid hairstyle.

Not only side braid but also other braid hairstyles are recommended to beautify your appearance. Braid hairstyles that could be alternative hairstyle for you are Waterfall braid, rope braid chignon, French braid with bangs back, Half up braids, messy rope braid, braid topsy tail, Braid Y bunch, French braid modified into hair, and many more. These braid hairstyles are optional so you can choose braid hairstyle for formal or casual events.

side braid

side braid

white boyfriend cardigan

New Boyfriend Cardigans Model

Women always remain to be the center of fashion. For many decades the role of women touch is always important, whatever statement in fashion, there is always a women touch in everything. Now, it is not only a matter of women trend center, men can also regarded to be the trend center in fashion. Though, still the women touch is exist. Boyfriend cardigans now have been the trend in which men can also be the point of center through cardigan fashion.

What make men cardigans and women cardigan look different? Something to be considered in this term is about the size, women cardigans usually much smaller than men. However, is it possible for bigger women to use the boyfriend cardigans fashion, since their size is resemble men’ size. Here, we need to clearly confirm that both are extremely different. Though, they have similar size, but model for Boyfriend cardigans won’t be match for women. The determination then comes toward how the model and color plays in fashion.

Boyfriend cardigans usually much larger on shoulder size, though women with bigger size want to wear it, there must be something strange to perform, since women and men shoulder size will always be different. Let’s make it clear that we need to be careful in choosing men fashion in boyfriend cardigans clothing. Though, there are plenty models and color offered to you, please be careful in choosing the most suitable model for you.

It is also efficient by performing Boyfriend cardigans, since it will be match with all kind of shirts and jeans. It is not only casual, it also state your fashion. It is interesting that now women and men also being offered in couple. The same model and design for both men and women but different in size now become the trend in fashion. Simply people want to perform that they may consider being sweet couple.

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white boyfriend cardigan

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boho hairstyle

Picking Boho Hairstyles with Simple Braids for Fine Medium Length Hair

Hair is one of the most important parts in human’s body which strongly determines someone’s look. It cannot be denied that women may have more complicated way of thinking towards their hair compared to men. Well, that is not wrong at all a every woman wants to be perfect. Thinking about hairstyles for fine hair may seem easy as there are many great hairstyles for thin hair like boho hairstyles with simple braids.

Boho hairstyles with simple braids look great to be worn by every woman who has fine hair since this hair type does not need many considerations like thin hair which needs more volume. Actually, there are many boho hairstyles Pinterest  or site like that you can take as references. However, there are certain things that you should consider while choosing hairstyles from that source. It is very important for you to identify your face shape, hair texture, and, of course, your personality.

Dealing with face shape, it is your luck if you have an oval face as it will look perfect in wearing any hairstyles. Yet if you have one of the other face shapes, you may need some trick to accentuate or smoothen your face shape. Afterwards, considering about your hair texture may be simpler than face shape as boho hairstyles with simple braids look suitable for most hair textures like straight or wavy.

It is obvious that boho hairstyles for medium hair with simple braid can be styled either messy or tidy. Hence, you should identify your personality before choosing which boho hairstyles that will be perfect to represent you. However, choosing great hairstyles for medium length fine hair is not that hard. Your hair is flexible. So, you have to be grateful about that. One important thing that you should do is to suit every hairstyle with your face shape and personality.

boho hairstyle



amry jacket casual outfit

Everyday Polyvore Casual Outfits

Casual outfits can be considered as the most common style for people nowadays. However, we can understand that this kind of outfits really bring special comfort feeling for the people who wear it. Besides that, it’s also really simple and not giving any “too much” outlook for them. Then, if you have any problem with the fashion, we really suggest you to take concern in Polyvore casual outfits. This idea is a great solution to handle your casual outfit’s problem.

Polyvore casual outfits can be a perfect reference for you to get special idea in your daily dress-up aspect. It’s normal to feel bored or confused with the clothes and have no idea how to manage the right style to bring new color in your day. Then, the good role model also should be adjusted with the condition of your body (even your height too). You have to remember that the casual outfits are really perfect for the daily fashion, but do not wear that kind of style to any formal occasion.

It’s better for you to learn more about fashion from Polyvore. From that website, you can get many fashion references, not only the casual one. Polyvore casual outfits will be perfect as long as you apply the mode in the right event. So, all you need to do is finding the right moment for the right style. Then, always remember to pick the right color combination, that suitable with your skin color. This aspect is considered as the important detail, because the contrast from skin and the clothes color will ruin the whole good outlook.

Polyvore casual outfits are already known as the popular fashion role model for many people around the world. It’s a good idea to follow this kind of fashion track, but never forget to choose the right one for your body. It’s really clear that we cannot generalize all people into one taste, because the condition will not be same too. Be wise in choosing the right type, even when you realize that this outfits really simple to be applied. You should still concern about the combination, because sometimes this is the point that make people get trouble in dressing. For more polyvore casual outfits here

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amry jacket casual outfit


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floral lace top for spring

Welcoming The Spring With Your Perfect Polyvore Spring Outfit Combinations

Welcoming the spring as new season usually completed with the effort from many people to combine any unique clothes with bright colors. Besides that, they also really concern in the Polyvore spring outfit as their role model about great level of fashion. Some usually consider wearing the clothes with cheap material and also amazing outlook. But for men, this kind of consideration can be understood as the wrong one, because one of the most important factors is about the comfort feeling that can we get.

From Polyvore, we can get many creative ideas to mix our clothes in many cool ways. It can bring different idea for us, and make the style also become different. Related to the season, Polyvore spring outfits usually become the popular one, and many people try to search that. The right spring outfit usually considered as the complicated one, because many people do not know which one is the right clothes composition for them. Besides that, it’s even better when they can follow the trend directly from Polyvore as the trend model.

The existence of Polyvore is not only just a fashion web community, but also as the helper for many people around the world. Its fashion is already known as the great level, and followed by many people. Related to that, it’s also important to make our own filter in following the fashion there. As we know, there are many styles that published there and the taste of the publisher also different in the Polyvore spring outfit.

Try to apply and follow the one which really suitable for you and your daily need. Remember that this is for spring; you do not need to take complex style inside the fashion. For more detail, Polyvore spring outfit usually offer many fashion specification inside the fashion role model. So, it’s really clear how this fashion items can take big role in your fashion life. Be careful in choosing the right style, and make it suitable with yourself.

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floral lace top for spring

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What are Your Best Spring Outfits This Year?

Spring can be considered as one special season for you to make any “mix-and match” in dress-up idea. With the bright atmosphere inside this season, spring outfits fashion should be a perfect concern for you to change your daily mood into a better one. With many great fashion ideas, you can raise your outlook and also bring new perfect mood for your day.

People nowadays think that fashion is a big part of their daily life, even the moment. That’s why it’s really important for you to enjoy the spring season with any concern of spring outfits fashion. You can start the fashion idea from your own room, pick your favorite clothes, and you also allowed wearing the bright one because the season is suitable. Color your day with colorful clothes with feminine style or any calm atmosphere, so the fashion idea that you apply will be the good one.

Then, it’s also better to get many references from magazines or any fashion website. It’s cool to follow the trend and fit it with your body. Never It’s a good idea to make your own design, because the best designer for yourself is you, you are the one who knows and really understand your own fashion taste. So, take references and get idea from many sources about the spring outfits fashion will be better when you adjust it with your own taste.

Related to many detail inside the fashion, remember that color also take big role for the outfits composition. You are allowed to wear any bright clothes, but as suggestion, it will be better for you to avoid any high contract mixture. In another word, do not try to mix two contrast colors into one combination, because it will not be suitable with the spring outfits fashion. You should remember that spring bring calm atmosphere, and you will look better when you emphasize the point in the femininity.

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legging with full motiv

How to Wear Legging with Full Motive

Fashion is one thing that always changing very quickly. For some people, fashion is very important as it can determine their appearance. They think that fashion should be always new. Talking about new fashion, these recent years many people are attracted towards the phenomenon of wearing legging. Actually, legging looks alike with jeans but it is more pliable and tighter. Legging itself consists of many kinds including the ones with full motive. However, many people are confused on how to wear legging with full motive.

If you are one of those people who are confused on how to wear legging with full motive, it is better for you to decide the size of the legging first. When choosing the right size for you, you should not pick one which is too-loose or too-tight for you. Afterwards, choosing color for the legging is also important to be done. As you want to wear legging with full motive, however, there will be more certain rules for wearing leggings that you should consider.

Like what you can see, legging with full motive will be enough to make you look filled. Hence, choosing simpler top seems better for you. Then, one thing that you should notice when dealing on how to wear legging is about the types of your top. Many people believe that wearing a legging will be great to be suited with longer top. Actually, there are also many leggings to wear under dresses that you can also try to go to certain occasions.

Last but not least, when you are dealing on how to wear legging with full motive, it is better for you to consider about your shoes. Actually, a legging will be great to be worn with low-cuts boots, sandals, knee-high boots, and flip-flops. Sometimes, a legging is also great to be suited with moccasins or ballet flats. All you need to do is to make sure that the shoes will look perfect to your overall outfit.

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